I work primarily in the following fields:

  • Health and medicine

Specifications sheets for medicinal products, patient information leaflets, medical records, medical publications, instructions for therapy, materials, treatments and reports.

  • Technology and technical documents

Users’ manuals and instructions, documents relating to diverse disciplines such as engineering, the automotive industry, electronics, energy and the environment.

  • Finance and economics

Financial statements, annual reports, investment fund prospectuses, account statements, tax returns, insurance documents, banking and investments.

  • Advertising and marketing

Product descriptions, press releases, market studies, business agreements, campaigns for social media and promotions.

  • Tourism and travel

Descriptions of destinations and accommodations, tourism leaflets, gastronomic guides, content for social media.

Sworn translation

A sworn translation is an official translation signed and stamped by a sworn translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. The sworn translator certifies that the translation is true to the original document, rendering it valid before the authorities or public agencies. Sworn translations can now be issued in paper or in PDF format with a valid digital signature in Spain.

Sworn translations contain the sworn translator’s signature and stamp on each page. At the end of the document, a sworn statement certifies that it is a true and complete translation of the original. Sworn translations must reflect every element that appears in the original document (stamps, signatures, handwritten text, etc.).

Documents that typically require a sworn translation include student transcripts, birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, passports, family record books, university diplomas, criminal records, contracts, public instruments, powers of attorney, etc. Sworn translations can also be made of others types of documents if needed for legal purposes.

Proofreading and editing

We often overlook the importance of a properly composed text. A clear, intelligible and well-written text conveys an image of reliability and professionalism. It is synonymous with quality.


Proofreading consists in comparing a text written in a source language with its translation.

Translations must always be thoroughly proofread to ensure that the intended terminology has been used, that nothing has been added or left out and that there are no mistakes or loan translations, to name just a few examples.


In copy editing, aspects such as spelling, syntax, grammar, punctuation and typography (capital letters, bold print, quotation marks...) are checked to ensure that the text is clear and legible.

Stylistic editing consists in perfecting the text, improving any parts that are imprecise, redundant or incoherent, and adapting it to its intended purpose or audience, without straying too far from the author’s original style.

Linguistic and cultural advising

Companies with a broad international scope need to adapt their contents to the culture and language of their customers. The aim is to tailor their products or services to the preferences, expectations and needs of the end consumer for export or sale in other markets. To do this, special attention must be paid to the vocabulary used, the cultural implications and local nuances of each country or region so that the translation sounds natural and the customers’ interest in the product is sparked. There are also other elements that help correctly convey a message from one culture to another, such as units of measure, currency, business hours, slang, colors, symbols and images.

How I work

Both the deadlines and rates vary based on:

The source and destination languages

The number of words in the document

The document subject matter and degree of specialization

The format

The urgency of the translation

Contact me and I’ll send you an obligation-free quote tailored to your project. Any documents received will be treated as strictly confidential.
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